2023.03.09 - Fonds for sustainable operation at RWTH Aachen University


Funding awarded for guideline for the design of a circular and energetically optimized research building

center left Professor Linda Hildebrand Copyright: © Heike Lachmann

With the help of the sustainability funds, projects are supported to make the operation of RWTH Aachen University more sustainable. The funds help RWTH Aachen achieve its sustainability mission. This includes, among other things, reducing the ecological consumption of resources in the sense of climate neutrality, as well as strengthening responsible and inclusive cooperation. RWTH Aachen also wants to send a signal to all university members and the public that sustainable ideas are encouraged.

The Center for Circular Economy (CCE) and the Center for Sustainable Hydrogen Systems (CSHS) are aiming for a shared research building that is circular and energy optimized in the sense of the two centers. Professor Linda Hildebrand from Cycle-Oriented Construction and member of the the CCE, as well as the center speakers Professor Stefan Pischinger and Professor Bernd Friedrich have been awarded the funding for the guideline for the design of a cycle-oriented and energy-optimized research building for the CCE and CSHS. The research building will bring together the expertise of all research areas and will be a point of contact for research on sustainability topics.

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