Institute for Textile Technology (ITA)


Related Projects

BMBF (2019 - 2021): IndustrialRePAN - Development of an industrially feasible recycling process for textile waste containing polyacrylonitrile

CORNET (2017 - 2018): Markers – Marker-based sorting technology for recycling textiles

AiF ZIM: Reaktivseil (2016 – 2018): Development of climbing ropes from recycled material

EU 7th Framework Programme (2012 - 2015): EcoMeTex – Ecodesign methodology for recyclable textile coverings used in the European construction and transport industry

DBU (2014 - 2016): Recycling von PES Stapelfasern aus Polycotton - Development of a novel process for the recycling of textile blended fabrics (polycotton)

Further ITA projects on the topic of recycling: Industry Research Group Polymer Recycling