Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV)


Related Projects

BMBF (2017 - 2020): RESOLVE - Recycling of polystyrene by means of chemical recycling.

BMBF (2015 - 2019): CA-Flammschutz - Development of a flame retardant system for the sustainable bioplastic cellulose acetate for use in resource-saving foam products

Climate-KIC (2015 - 2018): CroCO²PET - Cross linkable CO² polyether polyols

BMEL (2018 - 2020): TechPLAstic - Development of a flame retardant injection moulding material made of PLA with high heat resistance and impact strength for technical products

Industrial consortium (2020 - 2023): R-CYCLE

Transfer project from SFB-TR87 (DFG) (2018 - 2021): PECVD gas barrier coating for returnable PET bottles

Transfer project from SFB-TR87 (DFG) (2020 - 2024): Low-maintenance continuous Air2Air PECVD film coating by In-Plasma concept

IGF (2020 - 2022): Development of a process for continuous melt functionalisation of thermoplastic blends in twin screw extruders using atmospheric pressure plasma

Transfer project from the SFB-TR87 (DFG) (2021 - 2024): RezyPlas - Functional PECVD layers as a migration barrier for the use of post-consumer recyclates in contact with foodstuffs