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BMBF (2020 - 2023): OSLiB - Online safety assessment of lithium-ion systems in operation

BMBF (2020 - 2023): Model2Life - Model-based system design for 2nd-life use scenarios of mobile battery systems


KreislaufAkkus – Efficiency and Life Cycle Potentials of Battery Systems in E-mobility

Due to electric vehicles’ ecological advantages over conventional vehicles, EU has been strongly endorsing their use. As an alternative to a mainstream ‘Integrated Battery System’, a ‘Swappable Battery System’ has been in discussion lately. In addition to shorter refuelling time and possible additional grid services, swappable battery system offers decoupled vehicle and battery life cycles. Due to decoupled life cycles and efficient use of battery packs, swappable battery system may offer better circular economy potential than integrated battery systems. However, more batteries are needed in total for this approach and standardization across manufacturers is challenging. Therefore, in pursuit of sustainable e-mobility, this project aims at comparing these two systems from techno-economic, ecological, and social aspects.

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