Circular Economy Innovative Initiative in Textiles for an Entrepreneurial Europe


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CITE will create a new dynamic and agile ecosystem in, and between, select partners and higher education institutions to boost their innovation and entrepreneurship capacity. CITE will start by exploiting the existing structures, programmes and activities in place and implementing institutional change to bring an improved system into the game. In addition, CITE has chosen circular economy to be the initial topic of focus, as it is an overarching action plan across every single discipline which has regional and international cover (European Green Deal, Circular Regions, New European Bauhaus, etc.).

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The RWTH Aachen University and partners launch new project to boost textile circularity in entrepreneurial courses

Brussels, 29.11.2022

Launched recently, the new project Circular Economy Innovative Initiative for an Entrepreneurial Europe (CITE) aims to create a new dynamic and agile ecosystem in and between higher education institutions that will boost textile circularity and circular economy in innovation and entrepreneurial courses.

Today, no more than 40% of produced textiles are recycled, with only 1% in certain areas. By 2025, EU member states are obliged to implement a system to collect and separate post-consumer textiles (according to the new European Waste Framework Directive). This represents is a huge entrepreneurial potential to increase the reuse rates and recycling into higher value materials.

Financed by EIT Manufacturing (which is co-funded by the European Union), CITE will exploit existing regional and international structures, programmes, and initiatives (i.e. European Green Deal, Circular Regions, New European Bauhaus) in order to teach circularity to entrepreneurs-to-be, with the ultimate goal of bringing key sustainable improvements into the entrepreneurial system.

The outcomes of CITE will be scaled up to other Higher Education Institutions and regions (ideas, pilots, demos, initiatives and networks), and aims to impact the world of circular economy on a European level.

As part of the CITE consortium, led by RWTH Aachen University and composed of 5 other partners with industrial, entrepreneurial and innovative expertise, the RWTH Aachen University will support the students and entrepreneurs get closer to the topic through teaching, workshops, etc. Moreover, the Circular Economy Expert Hub has also been launched in November 2022 strengthening the ecosystem for such topics.

The full list of partners, covering 5 different EU and Associated countries, is available here.

More information on the CITE project on its webpage: