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By participating in the project "CIRCLE - Cross-Industry Realization of Circular Lifecycle Engineering" you have the opportunity to benefit from the know-how from research and industry to directly address your own challenges and to discuss and realize possible solutions.

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Project description: CIRCLE - Cross-Industry Realization of Circular Lifecycle Engineering

Mastering the Circular Economy determines the future viability of the manufacturing industry and at the same time brings numerous new challenges and an increased pressure to act. For the reduction of resource consumption, new approaches, processes and tools must be found in order to realize a transformation to sustainable thinking in the sense of a circular economy.

To enable companies to manage the orientation towards a circular economy, we will jointly develop and test methods of circular lifecycle engineering in the project CIRCLE - Cross-Industry Realization of Circular Lifecycle Engineering in close cooperation between research and industry. For this purpose, strategies, principles and new methods will be discussed and evaluated on the basis of case studies from the participating companies, and companies will be supported in the direct implementation of these.
In this context, the project consortium offers a non-competitive network for exchange and knowledge transfer in the field of circular economy.

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