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The Chair of Communication Science at HCIC is concerned with the empirical-experimental modeling of the acceptance of technology as well as the interaction and communication between humans and technology. Research on technology perception and technology usage deals with the modeling of human attitudes and the cognitive and affective evaluations that become effective in the social and individual perception of technologies in different usage contexts and settings.

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Circular economy and social sustainability are closely linked!

Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle


Circular Economy approaches are closely linked to social experience and behavior. Acceptance research allows insights into individual requirements and societal conditions for a successful Circular Economy. Acceptance findings can inform technical designers in early pahse of technology development and can thus be used as a steering component. At the same time, acceptance findings are central to public communication. Measuring acceptance requires an iterative mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative methods (e.g., focus groups and interviews) with quantitative data evaluation and analysis methods (using surveys for data evaluation and multivariate analysis methods, multicriteria decision analysis, path modeling for data analysis. This way, we form quantitative models of acceptance-relevant factors and determine the relationship between acceptance factors that are tailored to different contexts of use and aspects of the liefe-cycle. Likewise, it is possible to identify the tipping points between acceptance and non-acceptance constellations and relate them to specific user profiles.


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