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The Chair for Fluid Process Engineering headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jupke is part of the Aachener Verfahrenstechnik AVT. The research spectrum covers unit operations of the thermal separation processes: extraction, distillation, crystallization and chromatography as well as multiphase reaction systems. The aim of our research is to extend the understanding of processes in these fields by targeted investigations of the fundamental phenomena. Based on this, we develop model-based methods for the design of separation devices and entire downstream processes.

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"Process engineering is a key discipline for developing new processes to efficiently recover recyclables from all types of waste. The use of low-energy separation processes enables resource-saving and energy-efficient recycling."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jupke

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Part of our research is directed at new bioeconomy processes that aim at the transition from a fossil raw materials base to a renewable one. While petrochemical processes predominantly involve the separation of non-polar fossil raw materials in organic solvents, the highly functionalized components of biomass primarily require aqueous liquid-phase processes. The effects of accompanying biomass components and aqueous biotechnological syntheses on fundamental phenomena in extraction, crystallization and chromatography are poorly understood so far and are therefore subject of our research.

Furthermore, we deal with the recycling of residual material streams by developing processes for the conversion of CO2 in multiphase reactions, for the recovery of metals and rare earths, and for polymer recycling, such as the purification of complex multicomponent mixtures from pyrolysis or biodegraded plastics.

Another field of research is the electrochemical intensification of thermal separation processes. One successful concept is the integrated electrochemical regeneration of acids and bases to avoid salt waste in industrial biotechnology processes.

In our research building "Next Generation Processes and Products - NGP²", AVT operates a modular biorefinery on a pilot scale in order to analyze scaling effects and to transfer entire processes to a technical scale.


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