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"With the right glasses, we find the concept of Circular Economy everywhere: there is no waste, only resources. We learn from every project and we explore new connections from what we already know."

Prof. Dr. phil. Ingrid Isenhardt

  The INGRAIN project explicitly uses the English term "Circular Economy" instead of the German "Kreislaufwirtschaft". Graphical display of the process of circular economy

The innovation field of the bio based circular economy represents the innovative and interdisciplinary view that we fundamentally represent at the IMA. The collaboration of different disciplines and industries is fundamental for new ideas and an evolving environment. For us, the Circular Economy starts exactly there. Various sectors, such as the food industry, the agricultural industry and the textile industry, will be confronted with global change processes in the coming years. In global competition, they all have to establish an economic, ecological and socially sustainable way of running their businesses. However, why do we have to see these industries separately in this context? The IMA's expertise in seeing organizations and companies as open, socio-technical, economically and diversely interconnected systems enables the team to explore innovative opportunities in the field of the circular economy with the right view of the big picture.


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  Die Basis für die Synergie ist die Vernetzung der starken und in dieser Kombination in Deutschland einzigartigen Agrar-, Textil- und Lebensmittelwirtschaft. Example view of an area where a bio-based "circular economy" can be used synergistically.



Ingrid Isenhardt

Prof. Dr. phil.


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