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The core competencies of the Institute of Textile Technology (ITA) are the development of textile machines and components, high-performance fibres, manufacturing processes and comprehensive process chains as well as innovative textile-based products for the areas of mobility, construction and housing as well as energy and environment and health. The central technology fields are material and energy efficiency, functional integration and integrative production technologies.

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"Aachen will be the pacesetter in the new global Textile Circular Economy with the gamechangers upcycling, biotransformed and decentralised recycling.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Gries

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At ITA, the entire textile value chain, from design and raw material selection, to fibre and yarn production, to the manufacture of textiles from secondary textile materials, is examined and evaluated according to technological, economic, ecological and social aspects. This also includes non-textile-specific processes, such as material conditioning. Actors from research and industry are involved along the entire textile value and recycling chain. Taking into account the diversity of materials, material flows and individual process steps are analysed, improved and evaluated. At the Aachen site, the focus is on synthetic fibres, especially PA, PAN, PET, as well as mineral and natural fibres from a wide variety of textiles. ITA Augsburg gGmbH conducts research in particular on end-of-life concepts for fibre-plastic composites.


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