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The Junior Professorship of cycle-oriented Construction was established at the Faculty of Architecture in October 2014. Resource efficient building is an essential parameter to balance the relationship between built and natural environment. The focus lies on the manufacturing and deconstruction phases of the building cycle.

  Prof. Dr. Linda Hildebrand Copyright: © RB RWTH Prof. Dr. Linda Hildebrand

"It takes thinking and acting in the cycles of value, material and information to balance the relationship between the built and natural environment."

Prof. Dr. Linda Hildebrand

  The graphic shows relationships between the planning phases such as design, construction, use phase and deconstruction. Copyright: © RB RWTH Planning cycle for cycle-oriented construction

In the construction sector, Circular Economy principles present a tool for closing material loops and maximizing value creation of products, materials and resources. The choice of construction and material of a building component influences later possibilities of use – supports or prevents further use. The reuse and continued use of building substance represents a potential that has received little attention to date. A high-quality material should be able to be dismantled according to type in order to become part of a new functional cycle. In addition, information about the component properties must be made accessible to later users. Only then can a planner include secondary building materials in the design. Concepts for presenting availability have already been developed but are not widely used. Using building materials that are already in use changes the design process, requiring adaptation to what is available. Similar to Climate Design, it influences the design process and must be instrumentalized as a benefit. The desire for readability affects design and functionality and offers new perspectives.


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